Marsen Co., Ltd. Talent Recruitment 20-03-28


Marsen Co., Ltd. Recruitment notice for each division

 ※ Boarding experience is recognized as work experience.

    Graduates of the Maritime College (Sailing + Institution) are also welcome to serve in the military (non-boarding).

As a ship parts manufacturing and R&D company, it is the only company in Korea with many technologies and items.

It is a technology-intensive company that is achieving gradual growth through steady R&D.

We have a network in 12 countries around the world.

We hope that talented people who will be dispatched to overseas branches in the future and can realize their bigger dreams give a lot of support.

(Currently in the process of establishing agents in Vietnam and India)

○ Recruitment

  Design team, technical sales team, purchasing team, research institute, technical department, quality control, production team

○ Qualifications

* Electrical, electronic, mechanical, nautical, and institutional majors

* A person of integrity and character

* Recognition of experience on board (engineer or naval experience, 2 drivers, 2 pilots), preference for non-boarding

○ Selection method

* Document screening > Interview (only those who pass the document screening will be notified individually)

    Application form can be downloaded from

    Submission: Only e-mail is accepted. (Submission to

○ Welfare

* 4 major insurances, 5 days a week work, lunch provided, children's school expenses

○ Workplace

* Digital Valley Technology Center, Gamjeon-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan

  Interview: Headquarters (Myeongji-dong)


○ Recruitment type (section manager ~ deputy manager level)

1) Design Team (Experience: over 51.6 million won / Freshman (university graduate): over 33.2 million won)

*Responsibilities: Document review and CAD work using AUTO CAD.

      Those who can use AutoCAD (electrical, electronic, mechanical)

* Education: Bachelor's degree or higher

2) 2 technical sales positions (Experience: over 51.6 million won / Freshman (university graduate): 33.2 million won or more)

* Business: Technical sales of shipyards, shipbuilding equipment companies and shipping companies

* Education: College graduate or higher

* English: Manual reading level

  For overseas sales, TOEIC 700 points or higher

3) Purchasing/Material Management (Experience: 43.3 million won or more / Freshman (invited graduate): 33.2 million won or more)

* Task: Purchase material/material warehouse 1 person

* Education: High school graduate or higher

4) R&D Center (Experience: over 52.6 million won / Freshman (university graduate): over 36 million won)

* Task: Mechanical design, CAD, PCB design, C++, programming

* Education: College graduate or higher (Engineering: Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation, Navigation, Engine)

        (However, special treatment with master's degree or higher and experience preferred)

* Any English

5) Department of Technology (Experience: 46.1 million won or more) and freshman (university graduate): 33.2 million won or more)

* Task: Technical support, quality control, field service - 2 persons

* Education: High school graduate or higher (engineer, electrician, electronics, nautical major)

        (4-year electrical/institutional/electronic engineering majors preferred)

* Recognition of boarding experience

* Available for middle-aged people

* Also available for non-boarding

6) Quality Management Team (Experience: 500.7 million won or more / Freshman (University graduate): 36 million won or more)

* Tasks: quality inspection, certification work, product repair

* Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher

        (Experience preferred)

* Proficient in English for work

* Also available for non-boarding

7) Production Team (Experience: 51.6 million won or more / Freshman (high school graduate or higher): 33.2 million won or more)

    == Recruiting passionate and sincere people

* Task: Production management and assembly and production of electrical/electronic parts products

* Education: High school graduate or higher

* Driver's License Class 1 Normal (preferential)

* Documents to be submitted

1. Application for employment (attached company form)

    Homepage: > Company News > You can download the job application form from Notice

  * Submission of applications other than our own form will not be accepted.

2. One copy of graduation (expected) certificate

3. One copy of transcript (including college in the case of graduate school)

4. 1 copy of certification (if applicable)

5. Personality Test (Free Service on Recruitment Site) - Submit at the time of interview

  Youth tomorrow fill deduction available

  Refusal of phone inquiries (age restrictions, headhunting, etc.)

  Video interview may be conducted according to the guidelines of the quarantine authorities




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